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Today, breaking newswires reported that a bombing occurred at an Italian restaurant in Islamabad popular with foreign diplomats. The blast, which occurred in the “backside” of Luna Caprese – near Islamabad’s Super Market, reportedly killed two people and wounded nine, according to the most recently updated Associated Press newswire. The News reported that one of the people killed was a foreign woman, and “U.S. diplomats are feared among the injured.” The AP added, “Police have not determined whether the bomb was planted in the Luna Caprese’s back garden, or whether a suicide bomber attacked the restaurant.” BBC News cited a Pakistani police official who said, “One wall of the restaurant has partly collapsed and many people have been injured.” The AFP quoted witnesses who affirmed, “There are lots of injured people who have lost their limbs and legs, foreigners were inside. It’s a very bad situation. We don’t know what has happened.” CHUP will provide more details as they’re reported.


UPDATE [at 1736 EST]: The most recent Associated Press article reported, “Personnel from the U.S. and British embassies were among the wounded. It appeared to be the first attack targeting foreigners in a recent wave of violence in Pakistan.” A Turkish woman was reportedly killed in the blast, and five U.S. citizens were listed as undergoing surgery, as well as one Japanese, one Canadian, one Briton and three Pakistanis.


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