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Happy Birthday Pakistan!

Happy Independence Day, Pakistan! 61 years ago today, we were a new fledgling nation with a blank, tabula rasa-esque slate. In the past six decades, we have been marred by a host of military coups, corrupt democracies, conflicts, and economic issues. However, despite all of this, I can say with confidence that we are a country of resilient people. I know this because despite everything, there are those of us who have not given up on Pakistan’s progress. There are those of us who work tirelessly for a better Pakistan, a country that has been labeled a “failed state” or the “most dangerous place in the world” by numerous sources in the past few years. We are resilient because on this day, my family and friends are never more proud to call themselves Pakistani – not Sindhi, Pathan, Balochi, or Punjabi, but Pakistani. Despite all of our differences and issues, this is the only country most of us can call our own. Pakistan, with all of its flaws, is still our country. Here’s to the next 61 years – and here’s to the hope that our resilience remains steadfast and inspires us all to work towards a more prosperous Pakistan.


Long live Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad.

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