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I am Pakistan

n37699605993_5138My cousin in Karachi referred me to I am Pakistan – an online movement that is on the verge of becoming an Internet sensation. Initiated by television journalist Faisal Qureshi, the country’s first e-rally urges Pakistanis around the world to take ownership for their actions and stop shifting responsibility. On his Facebook post, Qureshi wrote, “I think the sole purpose of this group is to instigate a desire and an oath to be a model Pakistani, wherever we may be. To be under oath to take responsibility of my 2’x2′, the space that I occupy, wherever I may be.” 2×2 specifically refers to the 2 feet by 2 feet space a person occupies while standing in place. He wrote, “It’s the space that is mine and my responsibility, wherever in the world I may be. If you believe in Pakistan and if you believe in yourself, then we all must join hands to stand up for our country.”

How can you get involved and show your support? Join the movement’s Facebook group – which already has nearly 5,000 members, and change your profile picture to the image depicted in this post, [available at this link]. However, don’t join the group, “just to join another group,” or if you are looking for another platform for mindless discussion. Qureshi wrote, “Let this be a beginning of a Peace and Love Rally for all Pakistanis. Nothing political, No sides, No discussion, No agenda.”

We as Pakistanis have the power to alter the negative perceptions of our country. Our actions, our statements, and our opinions impact not only the way the rest of the world perceives us, but how we view ourselves. This discussion is particularly relevant given the overzealous arguments that can occur in the blogosphere, [including on CHUP]. Instead of talking AT people, we should talk TO people – of all nationalities, religions, and mindsets. Blogs provide us with that forum – it connects us with people we may never meet in our everyday life.

Ultimately, we can only progress as a people and as a nation if we allow ourselves that moment of reflection, tolerance, and objectivity. So, join the movement, take responsibility for your actions, and realize that you are Pakistan. If we are united, we may soon realize that our power can extend much farther than our 2×2.

[Note: Teeth Maestro also included coverage of the movement on his blog]

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