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From The News, op-ed contributor Babar Sattar wrote in “Pakistan on Trial”:

It is not the Pakistani identity of Ajmal Kasab that makes Pakistan guilty of having a hand in Mumbai. But it is the misguided inclination to hide unflattering truth born of false pride and misperceived patriotism that could make us complicit. The Indian media’s point-scoring will continue as pieces of the terror plot are found in Pakistan and our national ego will take a temporary beating. But we cannot allow our ego to become a sanctuary for felons who bring the rest of us a bad name.

Similarly, Shandana Khan Mohmand wrote in Dawn today:

If there is anything that the Mumbai terror attacks have made clear, it is that it’s time to think outside the box. The manner in which we in Pakistan have thought, spoken and acted so far has led us here. If we want to move away from this spot, the same conventional thought process and attitude is no longer going to work. A dramatic shift is now required in the way we perceive our region and conceive our identity.

In this week’s Friday Times editorial, “The Truth Will Out,” Najam Sethi further discussed the revelation that Ajmal Kasab is Pakistani and the subsequent sacking of Mahmoud Ali Durrani, [see previous post] noting, [the developments] “reflects rather badly on the state of affairs in Islamabad. Even when a good decision is made, as in this case, the government does not know how to extract maximum advantage from it.”

Finally, in today’s Nation, the editors asserted that Durrani’s dismissal was “yet another reminder that there is something seriously wrong with the PPP-led administration’s style of governance,” but noted [contrary to many other sources], “Mr. Durrani had no business making a statement replete with serious international implications without first consulting the PM. His statement came as a surprise to the latter and made the Foreign Ministry and Interior Ministry cut a sorry figure.”

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