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Pakistan’s “Taliban Slayer”

picture-3CNN yesterday featured a story about an 11 year old Pakistani girl, named Tuba Sahaab, a “self-styled warrior poet from Islamabad.” Tuba is an enormous fan of U.S. President Barack Obama, and like him, “believes in change.” She told CNN’s Stan Grant, “I want to give peace to my country my nation, everyone.” According to the report, she is “pitting her pen against the Taliban sword,” reflecting the pain of other children in Pakistan through her poetry – describing the injustice of girls who are denied an education and the schools that have been burned down in Swat. In one poem she wrote,

Tiny drops of tears/Their faces like the angels washed with their blood/They sleep forever as with anger

According to CNN, Tuba has won awards for poetry and has been featured in newspapers and interviewed by Pakistani radio stations. Moreover, although she’s only 11 years old, Tuba has already published a book of children’s stories. She shows no fear in speaking out against the Taliban, asserting, “If my life goes, I don’t worry for it, I just want to do something for my country.”

A tremendous story that shows that passion for one’s country and speaking out against adversity can start at a very young age. I’ll leave you with my favorite quote from the video [which you can watch here], where Tuba tells CNN’s Stan Grant that she wants to appeal to President Obama for help, [it’s my favorite because I think her reference to the White House is adorable]:

I want to go to White Palace, and show him [Obama] my points and say him come to Pakistan and whatever is happening he should try to control it…

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